Internationalization of webCDwriter

Internationalization of the web pages

Internationalization of webCDcreator

webCDcreator uses the JDK Internationalization APIs to support different languages and countries. The file webCDcreator/i18n/ contains the default messages of webCDcreator.

Adding a new translation

Install webCDwriter first. Then go to the directory /etc/CDWserver/webCDcreator/i18n/ on your server. In this directory you will already find some files (xx is the ISO-639 language code). Create a new file for your language. You may take my German translation webCDcreator/i18n/ as an example. If you want to share your translation with others, you can send it to me. I will make it available in a future release.

Selecting a language

Running webCDcreator as an application you can use a language=en argument to set the language (en for English in this case). For the applet you can achieve the same by setting the parameter language to en.