Configuration of webCDwriter

The first time CDWserver is started, it will create the file /etc/CDWserver/config and write the default configuration to it. You can edit this file to change the default behaviour. There are several sections.

1. Features


If your CD-writer supports burnPROOF, you may try this option.


Support of copying a data CD in the CD-ROM drive "on the fly".


If you want to put some files to a data CD, a filesystem has to be created that contains all your files and directories in one big file. This file is called the image of the CD. imageOnTheFly=on means that the image is generated while writing the data to the CD. This will save time and the space for the image on the disk. But be careful: if you CPU and/or harddisk isn't fast enough, the CD-writer will run out of data and the CD will be unusable. It is recommended to run a test session in simulation mode at maximal speed. The session should consist of lots of small files (like the Linux kernel source tree).


If mpg123 is installed on your system, CDWserver offers the possibility to decode MP3s for audio CDs.

2. Server

CDWserver will try to run as user and group. It will listen on port portNo for client connections and on port statusPortNo for status requests. maxOpenConnections clients could be connected to it at the same time.

3. Directories


The exportDir is the root directory of a software archive on the server. The default is /etc/CDWserver/export/.


Log information will be written to the directory logDir.


The session and image data will be stored in spoolDir.

4. Cache

CDWserver will store all sessions and image files in spoolDir. It is important that there is always enough free disk space on the partition containing spoolDir. By maxMBytesInSpoolDir you can limit the disk space CDWserver will use, but you also have to make sure that it can use this space at any time. maxMBytesPerSession limits the size of a single session. By maxOpenSessions you can limit the number of clients that can transmit there session at the same time. CDWserver won't use the last reservedMBytes on the partition.

5. CD-ROM(s) and CD-writer(s)




CDwriters or cdrecordDevArg

If your CD-writer isn't autodetected by CDWserver, you can determine the bus,ID,LUN-triple of your writer by
cdrecord -scanbus





6. Programs

You may set an absolute path to the programs cdrecord, mkisofs, and mpg123.

7. Options

anonymousUse on|off

Should it be possible to burn a CD without an account?


By cdrecordArgs you can give additional special arguments to cdrecord. Be careful not to introduce conflicts with the regular arguments.


The optional directory defaultFilesDir can contain files that should be included in each session.


To avoid writing to the CD of the wrong user make sure the CDs are inserted after reservation.


You may give a logo for the status page by logoURL.


Set logRequests to write the major client requests to logDir/version.log.


Set logSubProcess to write the output of child processes like cdrecord and mkisofs to logDir/sessionID/.


Set logVerbose to write all client requests and log messages to logDir/version.vlog.


By organization you can give a name that should be written to the images.


Normally CDWserver removes the oldest session when running out of disk space. By the option removeSessions you can tell it to remove the sessions when they are closed.


By showUsers you can control, if the users of webCDwriter should be visible on the status page.


By waitForCD you can set the number of minutes the CD-writer will be reserved.